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New and economical 48x40. 1⅛" notched stringers with 1/2" x 4" decking throughout. 7 top boards and 3 bottom boards. $11.50 FOB

GMA $ 14.50 FOB

We also build GMA's, other variations of 48x40's, big pallets, small pallets and all pallets. Please contact for a quote.
everyone wants to save money, right? give us a call today for all your saw blade need guarantee to beat or match your current blade cost.
we have 1-3/4x0.86 coil nails in stock blunt diamond tip. 12.900 nails per box. we can almost guarantee we can beat your current nail price. give us a call today to save some money!
Pallet is build with 3 pine stringers and uses 1/2" deck boards. Pallets have 7-8 boards on top and 5 on the bottom.
36x45 pine pallet. Top has 5 boards with 6" leads and bottom has 3 boards all 6".
New G48x40 GMA available KD HT - $16 each FOB Morrisson, IL - Semi load quantities
We are, Pallets To You, in Austin Tx

We have an on going supply of Grade A 48x40 & Grade B 48x40 4 way.
We can also handle Truckload orders(616)
Though pick up is the only way.
Terms of payment: COD
I have 600-800 36 x 36 used pallets for sale.
#1 GMA Pallets available - $11 Each - we have capacity to take on one load per week. Sold by the Semi Load only.
New Pine runners with used decking 48x40 GMA Pallets - 520 per load $14 each FOB KCMO 64129